August 15th Menu

Caζo Blanco

Price per Person 250€
Spinach pie 2021
Cod pie 2022
Zabaglione with caviar 2022
Our swordfish crapaccio
Corfu neratzosalata, salicornia and turmeric
Rosa antico from Mani to Corfu
Mani red shrimp, strawberry vinegar and ginger
Gastro – Esperanto
Zucchini spiral, kariki cheese and truffle
Red mullet “mbuttunati”
Stuffed red mullet, taramas and beetroot
The lobster, the Corfiot spicy and pomponette
Apple mojito
“Here comes the sun”
Kumquat, meringues, vanilla

*This menu is for whole the table

These menu represent the essence of the cooking and the philosophy of Etrusco Restaurant and the endeavour which characterises our constant search for perfection and uniqueness in each of our dishes. Additionally, we can also offer a personalised menu at a minimum of 2 days notice with the signature dishes of the restaurant from previous seasons or with whatever dishes our customers desire.